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Synthetic thatch

Time :2016-06-17 16:20:46

Synthetic thatch seaside Pavilion


Product  name:Synthetic thatch



Specification:  :250*460*6mm  0.4KG/PC  500*460*6mm    0.8KG/PC

Large stock:Delivery on time with rich inventory

all kinds of colours:Technical support & design capability





Don’t rot, mold, decay, shed or attract the bird and insert.


Breathable, bendable and environment friendly.


Long life span, life span up to 30 years.


Suitable for the windy, dry, and tropical weather condition.


Easy installation and free from maintenance.


Installation Issues

 Although the thatch roof has  some basic anti-rain effect (overlapping thicker), but it not the primary function. We recommend to install roof waterproof layer, and then prepare the ground floor roof.


(A) Before installation , Prohibits stampede and  hand fold.


(B) After the installation , it is not used as fire protection and pest control, and the latter does not require manual maintenance


(C) construction safety is the responsibility of each worker in the construction .Pay attention to personal safety.



Hotels in the Garden District, the zoo, theme parks, restaurants or bars in the outdoor pavilion, landscape,Spa resorts, parks and scenery, resorts, bus stations, recreation pavilion,

high-end residential buildings, villas District, museums, seaside bars, beach grill bar, water sports pavilion, tropical-style venues and so on.