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ABS and PVC edge banding, physical and chemical properties comparison

Time :2016-06-13 09:58:33

Today PVC profile factory  introduce PVC and ABS edge banding different physical and chemical properties to you!
now there are a lot  sealing strips in the market, so people often will be difficult to distinguish between what should choose what kind of to the processing of edge banding, don't worry, now we introduce for you , now only know its advantages and disadvantages and the use of the difference can be selected for sealing side.Generally, PVC will be appropriate to add some packing when edge banding are produced, in order to reduce the cost of production.But the opposite was true for the seal of ABS, but more than PVC seal advantage is its rounded corners is more pliable, impact resistance with good performance.

Their temperature resistance is also different, sealing side of high temperature resistant ABS, and PVC relative is  lower.In a variety of ways, ABS is better than  PVC edge banding, but the price of PVC is better than ABS edge banding.