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The extrusion molding equipment

Time :2016-06-17 00:48:13

1 main
Extrusion system: consists of a screw with and nitrogen-treated barrel, is a key part of extruder. Role is its plasticizing materials, quantitative and constant pressure, constant temperature extrusion melt
Transmission system: drive screw, provide the required torque and torque
Heating and cooling system: ensure that the plastic and extrusion system in the process of forming temperature of technological requirements
2  auxiliary engine
By the nose, finalize the design equipment, cooling device, traction device, take-up device, cutting
3  the control system
Consists of electrical appliances, instruments and actuators
Function: main, auxiliary engine motor control, to meet the required speed and power ;Control the main auxiliary engine temperature, pressure, flow, ensure the quality of products; Realize automatic control of extrusion unit, ensure main, auxiliary engine coordination operation.